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Kelseal Rubber Mouldings is a specialist commercial moulding manufacturer supplying to various industries throughout Australia. Unfortunately we do not do small non commercial runsĀ of less than 1000 on washers, seals or rings.


In its most basic form, a seal is a ring captured in a groove and is designed to control fluid leakage in reciprocating, oscillating, or rotary motion applications.  From this basic function you can derive a multitude of applications, such as seals for rods and pistons, wipers to prevent ingress of foreign matter, or protection devices such as buffer seals.

Common materials used to make seals can be natural rubber, nitrile, neoprene, silicone and viton. Typically, the material type is determined by the specific operating conditions or limits due to pressure, fluid chemical compatibility or temperature.

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Food Approved Seals

FDA rubber compounds Kelseal Rubber Mouldings Pty Ltd use all comply with Paragraph 177.2600 of Title 21, Sub-Paragraphs a) through d), Code of Federal Regulations, “Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use.”

It should be noted that the Food and Drug Administration does not actually approve any rubber compounds. Rather it publishes a list of permissible ingredients and the maximum allowable concentration of each.

These ingredients are broken down into the following categories: Elastomers,
Vulcanisation Agents, Accelerators, Retarders, Activators, Antioxidants and
Antizonants, Plasticizers, Fillers, Colours, Lubricants, Emulsifiers, and Miscellaneous.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer, or the compound supplier, to ensure that FDA compounds are formulated according to these guidelines, and are cured under conditions of good manufacturing practice. Unless otherwise specified, all compounds are black in colour and sulphur cured.

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Rod Seals

Of all the seals in a cylinder application, the rod seal is the most critical.  The importance lies in the fact that rod seal failure could result in leakage of fluids to the environment, and that it will typically see the harshest service conditions.  Rod seal failure is not only a mess, but it is detrimental to proper cylinder performance and safety.  The key features of any rod seal are:

• The rod seal acts as a dynamic seal along its inner diameter, and static along its outer diameter.

• It is directly affected by changes to the rod surface and fluid temperature fluctuations.

• Often sees the highest pressure variations or spikes in the system.

Depending on the level pressure range of the system and the fluid compatibility, Kelseal Rubber Mouldings offers several different options of rod seals.

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Wear Rings

Wear rings are resilient, wear resistant thermoplastic bearings designed to go inside hydraulic applications to support, guide, or reduce the friction between the rod and the cylinder body. These wear rings are especially important in applications where heavy side loadings are unavoidable.

For example, a heavy side loading over time can cause normal rod bearings to become oval shaped. This oval shaped rod bearing could then cause poor seal performance as the clearance between the rod shaft and the rod seal becomes larger due to wear. This distortion can lead to excessive fluid leakage, deformation of the rod seals, seal extrusion, and eventually seal blow out.

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Our range includes:

DJ Series - A double acting synthetic rubber seal for high hydraulic pressure (imperial)
JS Series - Two nylon or teflon wear rings for low hydraulic pressure (imperial)
JB Series - Synthetic rubber and impregnated fabric for high hydraulic pressure (imperial)
UHS Series - Polyurethane for low and high hydraulic pressure (metric)
UN Series - Polyurethane for low and high hydraulic pressure (metric)
JKW Series Rod Wiper - Polyurethane and synthetic rubber dust covers for shafts (imperial)
JDW Series Rod Wiper - Synthetic rubber dust covers for shafts (metric)
DHW Series Rod Wiper - Polyurethane dust covers for shafts (metric)
Vee Packing - Fabric for high pressure hydraulics (imperial)
U Series - Synthetic rubber for pneumatic pressure or low hydraulics pressure (metric and imperial)
MU Series - Synthetic rubber and viton for low pressure, high temperature and chemical applications (imperial)
JDE Series External Distribution Seal - Synthetic rubber for pneumatic pressure or low hydraulics pressure piston applications (imperial)
JDI Series Internal Distribution Seal - Synthetic rubber for pneumatic pressure or low hydraulics pressure for gland applications (imperial)
JC Series Cup Bucket Seal - Synthetic rubber for pneumatic and low hydraulic pressure (metric and imperial)
Polypak Type - Polyurethane for high hydraulic pressure for vee packing and piston and gland applications (imperial)
BS Series O-ring - Nitrile, viton, epdm and more (metric and imperial)
Back Up Ring - Nitrile and Teflon (metric and imperial)

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