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Kelseal Overview

Kelseal Rubber Mouldings as a local manufacturer does more than just supply standard parts; while we have proprietary products particularly for the mining industry, such as, our premium range pipe or rod wipers and dust deflectors a large percentage of our business is based on custom products we produce for many industries. We sell many custom parts to equipment manufacturers and to other manufacturers in many different fields, who have custom products they need produced. Custom produced product also allows for more complex designs that can tackle problems that standard parts sometimes fail to properly solve.

Some of the highlights of our custom products manufacturing company are:

• Custom products that are manufactured to your specifications.

• Kelseal Rubber Mouldings can supply custom parts in virtually any material including Natural rubber, EPDM, Neoprene , Nitrile, Fras, Silicone and Viton.

• Trained experienced staff that can help with the material selection process.

• Custom materials to meet specific colour, fluid resistances, or physical properties.

• Prototyping of experimental designs.

Our company has been involved in the rubber manufacturing industry for over 35 years and has a reputation we are proud of for providing a very high standard of work and in meeting our customers’ delivery timeframes.

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