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Kelseal Rubber Mouldings is a specialist commercial moulding manufacturer supplying to various industries throughout Australia. Unfortunately we do not do small non commercial runsĀ of less than 1000 on washers, seals or rings.

O-Ring Elastomers

The base polymer of an elastomeric compound is called rubber. That may be a natural rubber or, more commonly today, a synthetic rubber.

An elastomeric compound typically contains 50-60% of a base polymer with the remainder consisting of various fillers, vulcanising agents, accelerators, ageing retardants and other chemicals that modify the physical properties of the base polymer to suit specific applications.

O-rings are available in the following compounds:

Nitrile 70 & 90 Durometer Fluorosilicone
Viton® 75 & 90 Durometer PTFE
Neoprene FEP Encapsulated Viton & Silicone
EPDM Aflas®
Silicone Kalrez® - perfluoroelastomer

O-ring Sizes

  British Standard BS1806 Specs for Dimensions of toroidal sealing rings

  British Standard BS4518 Specs for Metric Dimensions of toroidal sealing rings

O-ring Application Guide

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Rubber O Rings
Specialised O Rings
Various Size O Rings