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Premium Pipe Wiper and Dust Deflectors

Kelseal Rubber Mouldings has been suppling premium pipe wipers to the drilling industry for the past 10 years. Our company, from top quality materials, locally manufactures drilling products of superior quality. We have had a zero failure rate for this product in this time and the ability to personalise the part with your company name/logo. Customers’ report that our products operating life span is up to three times longer then other brands. This means less downtime and greater productivity for the user.

We can provide a sample of our Premium Pipe Wipers that are packaged in a carton of 10 parts for your inspection. Dust Deflectors are packaged in lots of 25.

Our company has been involved in the rubber manufacturing industry for many years and has a reputation we are proud of for providing a very high standard of work and in meeting our customers’ delivery timeframes. Please contact us for more information.

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